Zen Buddhism

The Zen Buddhist teachings were transmitted from India to China in the 5th century. From there they have spread throughout Asia and to the world.

 Korinji Rinzai Zen monastery statue

Intrinsic Wisdom

What am I? What is this life for? Why is there suffering?

These are universal human questions. Zen, however, is not a system of belief or dogma. It is an experiential recognition of your own deepest nature, and a mind-body training to embody that in all the activities of life. With guidance from the teacher and through devoted practice of things like meditation, we may awaken to our intrinsic wisdom.

Through Zen, one's entire life becomes the dojo: a place of enlightenment. Zen shows us that the path of wisdom and compassion, our true path, has always been right here at our own feet.

From Hakuin's Song of Meditation:

At this moment, what is there you lack?
Nirvana presents itself before you!
This very place is the Pure Land,
This very body, the Buddha.

Hakuin Ekaku Zenji, 1685 ~ 1768