Practice Groups

We are a friendly, supportive community practicing under the guidance of our teacher Meido Moore Roshi and other instructors connected to Korinji. Beginners are welcome!

Korinji's Main Branch

Madison, WI

Sundays 12:30pm ~ 1:45pm

East Side

Meditation instruction is given for beginners led by Meido Roshi and Daiho Wagner Osho. Dokusan - private meeting to discuss one's practice - is also offered. A short talk follows, and we often meet afterward for social time at a nearby cafe. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing (no shorts or shirt skirts please).

(Please enter through the door at the rear of the building)

Wednesdays 7pm ~ 8:15pm

West Side

Open meditation begins at 7pm led by our teacher Meido Roshi and Daiho Wagner Osho. Instruction will give instruction to first-timers, and a short talk or question/answer follows. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing (no shorts or shirt skirts please).

(Parking is permitted in the Whole Foods lot across the street)​​

USA Groups Outside of WIsconsin

Ann Arbor, MI

Contact: Tozan Rodger Park

Granby, CT

Contact: Kozen Thomas Grimaldi

Copper Mountain Aiki-Budo
21 Copper Hill Rd, Granby, CT 06035

Long Island, NY

Contact: Kengaku Donald Zezulinski

Pittsburgh, PA

Contact: Genryo Jones Osho

Rockton, IL

Contact: Karen Radtke

Stateline Zen Community
1047 Cannell Ct, Rockton, IL 61072

International Groups


Laufen, Germany

Contact: Anzan Stahl Osho

Kaishin Zen Dojo


Berlin, Germany

Contact: Tendo Schröder Osho

Living Moment Zen Dojo


Svaneke, Bornholm, Denmark

Contact: Mugen Adler Ni-Osho

Shobu-ji Temple (円海山 菖蒲禅寺)


Nante, Switzerland

Contact: Myoen Ciucci

Jikai Zen Dojo


Rettenberg, Germany

Contact: Jimyo Carola Scheer

Grünten Rinzai Zen Community

Related Groups

Chicago, IL

In the same lineage as Korinji

Daiyuzenji Rinzai Zen Temple (曹渓山 大雄禅寺)