Access online resources including KORINJI TV - our growing library of Rinzai Zen instructional videos and dharma talks by our teacher Meido Moore Roshi. 

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Meido Roshi's next book Hidden Zen

is now available for pre-order at these sites:

Shambhala Publications

Indie Bound (supports local bookstores)

Book Depository (best for international orders)



Korinji Monastery is accepting

applications for residency.

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Zen allows us to dissolve negative habits of body and mind,

to live with clarity and be of service to all beings.

Join us on this path of wisdom and compassion.

The Korinji Rinzai Zen Community is the circle of students practicing under the guidance of Buddhist teacher and author Meido Moore Roshi. We are a vibrant, friendly community committed to supporting one another on the Zen path. All are welcome to learn with us regardless of faith or background.


Affiliated groups exist in Madison, WI and across North America and Europe. Korinji monastery, located on 17 forested acres in Wisconsin, USA, is our community's headquarters and spiritual center. Aside from being a place of Zen practice the monastery also houses Korinji Shugen Dojo, a center for training in the Mt. Koshikidake tradition of Shugendo.

Membership in our community is open to anyone, and we have numerous resources - including our online video channel - to support your path. We conduct frequent  retreats and other events that you are welcome to attend, structured in a progressive way from basic to advanced.

We look forward to meeting and practicing with you!

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