Rinzai Zen Practice

The essential point of Zen is to be enlightened through a direct seeing of one's true nature: kensho.

Korinji Rinzai Zen monastery zendo entrance

Open and undefiled, free of fabrication, grasping or fear, beyond effort and dualistic concept - this awakening is the recognition of your own "original face."

Rinzai Zen practices include sanzen (dynamic encounter with the teacher), foundational and advanced methods of zazen (seated meditation), koan meditation, extensive practices training the breath and subtle energetics of the body, yogic methods to reveal and revisit the mind’s natural clarity, the study of mantric vibration through chanting, and ritual methods for many purposes.

Through dedicated practice of these and other methods, one swiftly gains unshakeable confidence that one's own natural mind is precisely what we call “Buddha.” Training with devotion, revealing this wisdom in the play of daily activities, freedom and liberation naturally unfold.

Rinzai Zen is an extremely direct path of awakening, quickly dissolving delusion. Its power to transform can seem almost shockingly strong. But those who practice it may attain profound wisdom within this very life. The authentic expression of such wisdom - and the final goal of the Zen path - is a life of compassionate service to others.