Tea Ceremony

Tea ceremony at Korinji

Chado, the "Way of tea," is Japanese tea ceremony. At Korinji we practice tea of the Edosenke school, founded by Kawakami Fuhaku (1716–1807).

Edosenke is classed as buke-cha, the "tea of warrior households."  As a style of tea ceremony connected to the samurai, it can be said to stress human relationship over ornate form, and the integration of tea into one's busy life as a source of peacefulness and spiritual fulfillment. The main emphasis in Edosenke is the heart-connection between people sharing a bowl of tea together.

Korinji's tea ceremony practice group, the Wakei-kai (和敬会), meets monthly at Korinji, and beginners are welcome. Please see our Events page for dates and to RSVP. All monastery residents also practice tea as part of their training here.