Fudo Myo-o: Japan, 13th Century. The Art Institute of Chicago
Fudo Myo-o: Japan, 13th Century. The Art Institute of Chicago

The Rinzai Zen Community

Walk a path of wisdom and compassion.

The Rinzai Zen Community is the circle of students practicing under the guidance of Buddhist teacher and author Meido Moore Roshi, abbot of Korinji monastery. All are welcome to learn with us regardless of faith or background.

The Practice

Zen helps us to dissolve negative habits of body and mind, live with clarity, and be of service to all beings.

The essential point of Zen is to be awakened through a direct seeing of one's true nature: kensho. Through devoted practice, one swiftly gains unshakeable confidence that one's own natural mind is precisely what we call “Buddha.” Training for one's whole life, revealing this intrinsic wisdom in the play of daily activities, freedom and liberation naturally unfold.

Rinzai Zen is an extremely direct path, quickly dissolving delusion. Its power to transform can seem almost shockingly strong. But those who practice it may attain profound wisdom within this very life. The authentic expression of such wisdom is compassion.

Monastic training at Korinji Rinzai Zen

Monastic Training

Korinji is is a Rinzai Zen Buddhist training monastery (sodo) in North America and the spiritual center of The Rinzai Zen Community. It is located on 17 forested acres about 50 miles from Madison, Wisconsin USA. The monastery is maintained by The Korinji Foundation, a federally recognized not-for-profit charity, and funded by a grassroots network of donors from around the world.

Korinji Rinzai Zen practice groups

Practice Groups

Practice groups of The Rinzai Zen Community can form wherever interested persons come together. If you are interested to start a group in your area, we may be able to support you. Our headquarters is Korinji. We currently have practice groups in the United States and in Europe.

Korinji Rinzai Zen Community membership benefits

Member Benefits

Membership in The Rinzai Zen Community is open to anyone wishing to follow the path of Zen. Membership gives you access to many resources (including Korinji TV, our online library of instructional videos and dharma talks). You will also be able to attend retreats and other events with us. When you are ready, you may apply to become a formal student of our teacher.

Korinji Shugendo training

Shugendo Training

Shugendo is the spiritual path of the yamabushi ("one who bows down on the mountain"), a 1500 year old Japanese religious tradition distilling the profound wisdom teachings of Asia. Combining esoteric Buddhist practice and outdoor asceticism such as mountain pilgrimage and immersion in waterfalls, Shugendo is an intensely embodied path of awakening.